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Welcome to Haliburton County, where over 600 glistening lakes create a haven for water lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. This is where you can embrace the outdoors, from leisurely canoe paddles to the thrill of watersports.

Take a moment to immerse yourself in the lively waters of Lake Kashagawigamog, a jewel in a stunning chain of five lakes that beckons adventurers with its promise of exploration and excitement. For those seeking a quieter retreat, let the charm of Twelve Mile Lake captivate you, where tranquillity meets the rustic beauty of Ontario.

With the seasons, the landscape transforms. Summer buzzes with activity along the water's edges as cottages light up with life. Winter brings a hush, with ice fishing and skating taking center stage, painting a picture of serene beauty in the crisp air.

In Haliburton, the lakes are the heartbeat of the community, supporting a lifestyle that cherishes the environment and sustainable enjoyment. Here, under the expansive skies, you join a community woven together by the love of the great outdoors. Every lake tells a tale, and every visit feels like a return to something familiar yet thrillingly new.

So, whether it's reeling in a memorable catch, gliding through calm waters, or simply basking in the untouched beauty of nature, the lakes of Haliburton are your gateway to unforgettable adventures. Welcome to where your heart finds its home.

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*Melanie Maxwell-Hevesi is the McGillivray Trusted Agent for Haliburton County

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